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    Tianjin Sanjuyuan Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional for electricity, petroleum, chemical, engineering, machining and other business support services, integrated enterprise. Company to operate 12cr1movG alloy pipe, 12cr1movG seamless steel pipe, A33591 alloy pipe, 27simn alloy pipe, oil pipe, N80 oil line pipe, J55 oil line pipe, 16mn low-alloy pipe, 27simn low-alloy pipe, 40cr alloy low alloy tubes tube, high pressure boiler pipe, oil cracking pipe, oil pipe, oil casing, fertilizer, transmission fluid, machining tube, stainless steel-based, providing services to major companies, supplemented by labor insurance products. Enterprises with thousands of tons of annual stock pipe resources for friends and the community more information procurement. Since the establishment of the company, all staff in the quality and people-oriented, business integrity, the principle of mutual benefit. In strong support of our customers, just a few years has gradually grown into a strong financial background, excellent reputation, adequate supply, complete supporting facilities of the leading enterprises. Met with Tianjin Seamless, Steel, Bao Steel, Hengyang Steel, smelting steel and other major steel mills to form a solid purchase channels, with the Hebei Electric Power, China National Petroleum, China Railway Construction, Luxi Chemical, CJ Group, and other large well-known enterprises to establish a good supplier relations.

    Round hole on the company¡¯s new equipment, two sets of drawing machine, thermal expansion device, according to the different needs of customers, processing custom non-standard pipe.
    Featured: Japan JFE, German Man it Mann, Benteler, Spain, the United Steel Company, Italy Daer Ming and other kinds of alloy pipe.
    Main: 12cr1movG alloy pipe, 12cr1movG seamless steel tubes, high alloy pipes, high pressure boiler pipe, fertilizer, petroleum cracking tubes, fluid tubes, low and medium pressure boiler pipe
    Main criteria: 20G, GB5310-1995, GB6479-2000, GB9948-88, GB/T8162-99, GB/T8163-99, GB3087-99
    Main Material: 10CrMo910, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG, 35CrMo, T91, A335P22, WB36 (15NiCuMoNb5), Steel Research 102 (12Cr21MoWVTiB), 12Cr2Mo, Cr5Mo, 20 #, 45 #, 16Mn, 27SiMn.

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